ICE fosters ongoing renewal in ministry
through a process of self-directed, peer group learning.

Peer group learning experiences provide collegial support,
spiritual nurturing, and renewal in ministry in a context of creative agency.

Self-Selected Peer Groups

Peer Groups of 6-8 form organically in their own process of self-selection which allows for a covenant relationship with a strong sense of rapport and compatibility.

Self-Directed Learning

The Peer Group takes responsibility, directs their own learning, and designs their own "curriculum" and methodology for achieving their learning goals.

Study Together Over Time

The Peer Group travels and studies together over a period of 2-3 years, spending additional time in reflection together over their shared learning experiences.

Group Accountability

The Peer Group holds one another accountable for their own learning and objectives, keeping high standards and expectations for one another.

The World is Your Classroom

Groups who establish their own study theme and resources remain energetically open to learnings that enhance their ministries.


Since it's inception in 2002, ICE has offered a learning approach that employs creative agency as its core methodology.

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