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Become a Sponsor of The Institute for Clergy Excellence

ICE employs a peer learning strategy, which affords pastoral leaders the opportunity to take charge of their own learning. This educational methodology has been developed and tested over 25 years. It rests upon four essential elements:

  1. Self-selected peer groups
  2. That design their own learning
  3. Study together over time, and
  4. Hold one another accountable for the learnings.

The opportunity for pastoral leaders to take advantage of these benefits is rare, profound, creative, and energy building. Testimonials from clergy and their congregations validate this claim while providing evidence of transformation.

Your support is needed for the continuation of pastoral peer learning. Participants in ICE peer groups will pool their continuing education funds to support their learning goals and study strategies. ICE will provide facilitation for the peer groups through sponsorships. The cost of the facilitator is over and above the educational funds provided by the group.

A sponsorship of one ICE peer group facilitator is $3,500 per year. Sponsors are invited to interact with the peer group they are supporting. You will learn about the fascinating things the group is discovering and become friends with the talented, diverse pastors who are sharing life experiences while supporting each other’s ministries in vital ways. This proven method of study and renewal is leading to transformation in pastors and in the congregations they serve. The sponsorship will support the facilitator who is trained in group processes and in the ICE approach to continuing education.

Our pastors, our friends, our teachers, our counselors and our spiritual guides have extremely demanding jobs and feel innumerable pressures. We have the chance to provide help. When we make it possible for them to participate in this program, pastors and laity in congregations have a real chance to discover a renewed vision and focus that will increase creativity, boost morale, and generate hope.

We invite you to pray about your commitment as you consider helping.

For more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact us.